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News FC "TVEL"

17.07.2017 JSC TVEL Successfully Continues the TVS-K qualification program

14.07.2017 A three-thousandth shroud tube of the fuel assembly for Beloyarsk NPP has been manufactured by TVEL Fuel Company

12.07.2017 Brilliant simplicity and tremendous reliability: TVEL celebrates the 65th anniversary of gas centrifuge technology

03.07.2017 TVEL’s Elemash successfully underwent an international audit
Certification authority TÜV THÜRINGEN (Germany) accomplished second witness audit of Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System (IQEMS) in Elemash PJSC to examine its compatibility with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, OHSAS 18001 international standards.

29.06.2017 Siberian Chemical Combine received facilities for creation of non-waste production of nuclear fuel
Siberian Chemical Combine (SKhK) JSC (belongs within Rosatom’s company TVEL JSC) received facilities for recycling area of defective fuel pellets of nuclear fuel fabrication/refabrication module (MFR) which is created in the frame of pilot demonstration power supply package (ODEK) of Proriv (Breakthrough) Project.

26.06.2017 The head of Armenian NPP highly appraised the partnership with TVEL

26.06.2017 The head of Slovenské Elektrárne JSC gave a high appraisal to the quality of TVEL’s fuel

20.06.2017 Rosatom Fuel Company TVEL and Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran have signed the Fuel Supple Contract for the reserve refueling at ATOMEXPO’2017

17.06.2017 Fuel Company TVEL at ATOMEXPO 2017

02.06.2017 TVEL informs its contribution in the implementation of the global sustainable development initiative

27.04.2017 Fuel company of Rosatom "TVEL" and a group of Chinese companies have signed contracts worth about a billion dollars

10.03.2017 AREVA NP jointly with TENEX audited SC Production Association Electrochemical Plant

27.02.2017 EdF jointly with TENEX audited SC Ural Electrochemical Integrated Plant

27.01.2017 The first batch of low-enriched fuel assembly production for the Polish research reactor "Maria" is made at NCCP

20.01.2017 The State Corporation "Rosatom" and the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran signed a road map and a contract for pre-project works

28.12.2016 JSC TVEL and China Institute of Atomic Energy have signed a contract for the supply of fuel for the experimental fast neutron reactor CEFR

14.12.2016 TVEL signed a contract for the supply of TVS K nuclear fuel for Ringhals NPP in Sweden

14.11.2016 VNIINM chief expert was elected as the RAS Academician

14.11.2016 Chepetsky mechanical plant will present effective technology solutions under the HighMet trademark at the international exhibition Metal-Expo’2016

21.10.2016 Titanium welding wire of JSC CMP production was recognized as the best in Russia at the international exhibition "Rossvarka / Weldex -2016”